About is an io game inspired by Among Us. Win over other players in to become the superior life form! The aesthetics and controls of this game are similar to those of Among Us. There is no need to be concerned about sneaking or acting out in this game. The blinds have been pulled back, and now each man (or alien) is on his own. Beat everyone up with numerous weapons and get to the top of the leaderboards. Gain levels and strength by collecting energy cubes. Can you triumph over your adversary and grow to be the universe's most potent impostor? You may earn credits by participating in interplanetary combat. Spend them on worthwhile improvements in the in-game shop. You may buy caps and weapons, as well as change the color of your character. A distinctive style will give you a far more seasoned and commanding appearance. Don't be afraid to give this game a try if you like Among Us. It's an entertaining salute to the internet sensation. It doesn't need you to interact with other players as the original did. Get the highest score by eliminating each one individually.

How to play

Control the character by moving the mouse cursor. The direction is indicated by the arrow hovering over the screen. Click LMB to attack and RMB to speed up. Running too often will drain your stamina, preventing you from leveling up. Sometimes it is necessary to avoid a confrontation with a stronger player. Your life consists of several segments – that’s the number of hits you can take. If you are low on health, look for more cubes – upgrading will rejuvenate you.

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